• Cora Ramos

The Book That Almost Wasn’t

One of the founding members of our chapter and author of forty books, Marilyn Meredith, will tell about her inspiration for her latest Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery, Spirit Wind. The mountain town of Tehachapi is the setting, and many hours, and even days, went into doing research about this unusual place. But when the book was done, catastrophe struck.

Though certainly not the first time in Marilyn’s publishing career a hurdle came her way, this time it didn’t seem like there was an easy way over it. Find out what she did and how it all worked out.

Spirit Wind is #17 in the series. A call from a ghost hunter changes Deputy Tempe Crabtree’s vacation plans. Instead of going to the coast, she and her husband are headed to Tehachapi to investigate a haunted house and are confronted by voices on the wind, a murder, and someone out to get them.

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