• Cora Ramos

January Speaker: Marcy E. Rosendale - Toxicology in Veterinary Medicine

Marcy E. Rosendale, DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine), spoke to us in January

and it was a lively, fact filled talk. She worked for one of the few animal poison control hotlines in the world for nine years as a toxicology specialist handling cases involving many species of animals and hundreds of poisons. During her talk she presented some of the more unusual cases of animal poisoning encountered, and explored some of the more common household poisons that may endanger our pets. There are many seemingly innocuous items that can harm or kill.

Ms. Rosendale also spoke about things that can poison animals and birds in the wild. Yard chemicals like D-con can kill dogs, birds, eagles and hawks. Chickens die from eating granular insecticides. Birds that eat rodents can also be affected.

And there aren’t antidotes for everything. Sometimes only the symptoms can be treated to ease the suffering of a poisoned animal.

No poison is totally safe. If it poisons something it can’t be good for humans, our water or our soil in the long range. So we have to look at the bigger picture and act responsibly. A nice lawn free of weeds—or a safe environment? It’s a choice we must individually make. And it affects us all.


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