• Sunny Marie Baker

Spirits Among Us

Hello fellow sisters and misters,

Wow, what a powerful meeting we had last Saturday. The presentation by Jeremy ad Uz Waterman was not only informative with regards to Paranormal Investigation, but the pictures and recording they shared gave me chills. In a good way. Jeremy said he was a real skeptic at first…that is until he saw a woman running up and down the stairs at his house. His son confirmed this by asking if they were having overnight visitors because he saw a woman walk into his room. (Where guests normally slept).

When I left the meeting, I wondered just how many other people might have had a ghost or other paranormal experience. So, I posted that question on my Facebook page.

Here's a couple of the responses:

  • The day after my mom died, a random post showed up in a text conversation between my daughter and me. Neither of us had sent it. Then a year later, the same thing happened on the same date after my father died.

  • A couple of days after returning to CA from my Mother-in-law’s funeral in South Dakota, I was ironing and I got extremely cold and her perfume hung in the air. The ground was frozen in S.D. and a grave for her could not be dug. I'm sure she was unsettled. I spoke to her. "Nellie is that you? Everything is alright, you can RIP we love you." I'm sure she chose that time to come to me because I would bring her up to the house once a week and she would help me iron and bake cookies together. Also, my sister-in-law's dad came to me at my apt in Clovis. I could see him standing in the corner plain as day. He was so vivid that I was sure I was awake. A cloud-like, white mist at the foot of the bed appeared and my feet got extremely cold. An ice-cold breeze swooshed over me, from my toes to my head and then he was gone. Nothing was said, and I couldn't figure out why he’d come to me.Those are my experiences. No one can ever convince me there are no spirits around us. Both incidents happened shortly after their passing, apparently still waiting to cross over. I was not frightened as I recognized both of them. There are times I get the sense of a presence riding in the car with me when remembering someone who has just crossed over—just a sense some of us get. I feel thankful for these experiences.

I've also had an experience. My dear friend, Sharon passed at only 54 years. When we knew she wasn’t going to get well, we agreed we’d meet (if possible) on the beach I go to in my mind when I meditate. Before she was even buried, I was exhausted from locating her kids and get them home for the funeral. I lay down to sleep but my head barely hit the pillow when I was transported to my beach. As I sat there, who comes out of the water? My friend Sharon—a shimmering light except for her head and hands. We conversed telepathically. I asked her why she looked that way. Her answer was, “Don’t be concerned about form, God has no form.”

She appeared to me once again when we were trying to buy our first home in the mountains. I was walking up the drive to take a look at the house for sale when Sharon appeared at the sliding glass door. She waved to me, beckoned me, and when I got close, she said, “Come on in, this is your house. It turned out to be so.

I hope you all enjoyed the meeting with Jeremy and Uz Waterman as much as I did.


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