• Marilyn Meredith

Much More than Sit, Stay

January’s speaker, Dustin Dodd, shared many interesting tales about his life in law enforcement. He’s been a street cop, worked in the bomb squad, a K-9 cop, is now a detective and does forensic and computer work as well.

He said being a K-9 cop was his best assignment, he and his dog made a pure team. Being on the bomb squad was a close second because of all the unique challenges.

Because of all the unusual things that happened to him, Dodd decided to write everything down so he could remember, and from that came the idea to write a book about his experiences.

He shared about with his dog, Koda, and told us the K-9 does the work of ten men.

He also told us some of us experiences while on the bomb squad. Someone asked his mother what she thought about him doing that kind of work, and she said, “Dustin always went 110 miles an hour with his hair on fire,” but she was confident he’d be okay because of the training he’d had.

His first book is titled Savage Justice and is a fictionalized version of many of his experiences with his K-9 partner.

Article written by member, Marilyn Meredith, one of the founding members of San Joaquin Sisters in Crime. Find information about her at her website:


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