• Cora Ramos

A Lawyer Walks into a Bar and Introduces a Judge...

No joke! Well, maybe not INTO a bar, but through the bar into our meeting room at Yosemite Falls Cafe.

September's speaker, Anthony Capozzi, Federal Defense lawyer, will introduce our November speaker retired Justice James A. Ardaiz.

Ardaiz's resume is long and varied. After starting out as Deputy District Attorney of Fresno County during ’74-’77 he went on to be Chief Deputy District Attorney of Homicide (Fresno County), through the Municipal Court, and the Superior Court and then Associate Justice of Fifth District Court of Appeal until finally, Administrative Presiding Justice of that Court.

Justice Ardaiz has presided over in excess of 10,000 cases as a trial and appellate jurist in virtually every field of the law. He currently provides legal and strategic advice to developers and businessmen regarding legal problems, including appropriate settlement and trial strategies and potential outcomes as well as monitoring and directing legal action. He has experience in agricultural issues as well as complex legal disputes.

His broad experience in many areas include personal injury, property disputes, agribusiness, agricultural damage, employment law, business and governmental policy, construction/labor disputes, environmental disputes, on-site construction disagreements. He’s had thirty years as a trial and appellate jurist handling virtually every type of case ranging from environmental impact issues, tort, evidence, employment, discovery, business, property, probate, criminal law and family.

You know he will have lots to share, so don’t miss this meeting! And with a lawyer in the room, we might have many objections. . .


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