• Cora J Ramos

When I Met the King

Our August speaker, Anthony Capozzi, was one of our most popular speakers yet. We had an almost full house and everyone had complements for his talk.

As a Federal Defense lawyer he’s covered many of California’s infamous crimes. One in Yosemite (which is the most crime ridden national park of them all, probably due to the fact it is so close to many urban areas) was a crime on that will thrill any mystery reader who likes to uncover clues. Someone was stealing backpacks from the women’s dorms in Yosemite. A backpack exactly like one described missing was found in a man’s cabin. He was brought up on charges and during the arraignment, Mr. Capozzi picked up the backpack and pulled out a box of Dr. Scholl’s bunion pads. The man stated that it was proof that it was his backpack—he was a hiker and needed to use them often. He was about to be cleared, when Mr. Capozzi opened the box—which he hadn’t done until that moment. Inside were small sewing scissors. It was proof enough that the backpack was not his because the size of the scissors would only fit a woman’s small fingers, and not his. He plead out.

Tony and his wife were invited to a State Dinner at the Carter White House. For dinner, they were separated, as are all husbands and wives at these events. Mrs. Capozzi sat next to a male dignitary who told her to call him Abdul. A bit uncomfortable at first, she relaxed during their lively, fun conversation that ensued. It was only later that she learned he was King Hussein of Jordon.

Mr. Capozzi shared many more interesting stories and pictures about events that occurred during his legal and political career, many in which he rubbed elbows with famous people.

Sorry if you missed the meeting. See you next month?


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