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Somewhere Between Wambaugh and Connelly

That's how Lindy Gligorijevic describes her writing style.

If you missed June’s meeting, you missed a terrific speaker. Lindy, with the difficult to pronounce last name, is the Chief Investigator for the Tulare County District Attorney's Office, Bureau of Investigations.

She began her career as a new police officer on the advice of a friend who thought she would make a good one, and progressed to Detective III in the Los Angeles divisions (Hollywood, Foothill, West Valley). She met her fireman husband during the L.A. riots. They moved to Tulare County where she became an investigator in the District Attorney's Office until she was promoted to Assistant Chief Investigator in the Financial Crimes Division.

She shared many details about her work and answered questions about all kinds of crime. After a question about the dangers of social media for young women, she discussed human trafficking that is happening through social media such as grown men posing as teenage boys and teenage girls 'selfies' being co-opted and used to lure pedophiles under different names.

Besides all of her experiences in law enforcement, she is also the author of a police procedural series that includes the books Hold Fast and Bell Lap. She gave us some interesting tidbits about her books including the fact that women police officers see crime and murder differently than male cops. So she decided after her first book from the female detective point-of-view (POV), she wrote the second from the male POV. Naturally the first book is much longer. (snicker!) She plans to continue the alternate POV in each of the following books in the series.

“I’ve always been a writer and wrote and illustrated my first story when I was just a child--an ant story. When I was sixteen I wrote my first book." She went onto tell how she always knew she would write about her career, and then discussed her frustrating experiences as a writer.

At one point, Lindy had several novels she hadn't published laying around because she became discouraged at her experiences in sales and promotion until she went to a Tarot reader on a lark. The woman asked her, "Do you write?" When Lindy explained that she had no success in the publishing world and was not going to write any more novels, the card reader said, "I'm self-published and I decided that I'm an author no matter how small the audience." That got Lindy back into writing. A good thing. Now, she'll do as much as she can to promote her books.

Still ahead, she’ll be working with the Discovery channel on six of her cases when she was a homicide detective.

We hope to have her back again; she had so much more to tell us.

If you download her books on Amazon, and enjoy them, she hopes you will leave a review (as all of us authors do!).

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