• Cora J Ramos

Writing into Spring!

Are you in the midst of writing a new novel? Or maybe you considered writing a memoir, short story or poem, but thought, 'It’s not for me, too late, no skill, can’t think of what to say.' Then this April meeting is for you. Marilyn and I will talk about our different approaches to writing, what it takes to have a career that requires regular feeding and watering. But even if you're not a writer, anyone can write to express themselves and it's a healthy thing to do.

We have something for everyone this month. Marilyn and I will take writers, want-to-be writers, non-writers—and we will all write in the meeting. So come prepared

with pen and paper (or notebook).

At the very least, readers will get to experience the process and be better able to choose books they will stick with after they buy them (and not end setting them aside because they lost interest after the first few pages). We'll go over what it takes to write a compelling novel that grabs a reader's attention and holds him/her transfixed.

Writers will get to work on refining their protagonist to make readers love them and want to stay with them through the whole novel. We will talk about and practice some of the elements that go into building an engaging character rather than a mediocre one. We will touch on creating a compelling beginning to catch a reader's attention.

Maybe, if you put these techniques into practice you will be published and, with some luck, have the next best-selling novel by this time next year!

Marilyn Meredith Cora J. Ramos


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