• Cora Ramos

Recap for March

Dr. Eric Hickey is always a favorite speaker at S.J. Sisters in Crime. Saturday his topic was necrophilia. Here are some interesting facts we learned.

  • It’s a fairly common crime though it is usually only reported as a sex crime.

  • Necrophilia killers are a different bunch.

  • Only 25% are true psychopaths.

  • Jeffrey Dahmer was a necrophiliac but not a psychopath.

  • Psychopaths don’t have attachments to people.

  • Necrophilia need to have attachments.

  • Sexual predators have different ways of relating to their victims.

  • Many serial killers are necrophiliacs.

Some of the descriptions of those who indulge in necrophilia were a bit too gross to put in this post.

Dr. Hickey also told us there is a war against children. We need to protect our children.

2/3 of all sex crimes are against children.

Most child molesters are married with kids.

He told us there are 7 or 8000 sex offenders in Fresno.

--Marilyn Meredith


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